Neet 2023 biology weightage ?

The Biology section in NEET carries a significant weightage, as it consists of 90 questions, each carrying 4 marks. The total marks for the Biology section is 360. The distribution of questions in NEET 2023 Biology section may vary, but here’s a general idea of the weightage given to different topics based on previous trends:

  1. Diversity in Living World: Approximately 8-10 questions
  2. Structural Organization in Plants and Animals: Approximately 5-7 questions
  3. Cell Structure and Function: Approximately 8-10 questions
  4. Plant Physiology: Approximately 10-12 questions
  5. Human Physiology: Approximately 20-22 questions
  6. Reproduction: Approximately 12-15 questions
  7. Genetics and Evolution: Approximately 16-18 questions
  8. Biology and Human Welfare: Approximately 6-8 questions
  9. Biotechnology and Its Applications: Approximately 6-8 questions
  10. Ecology and Environment: Approximately 15-18 questions

It’s important to note that the weightage mentioned above is approximate and can vary slightly from year to year. It is advisable to thoroughly study and understand all the topics mentioned in the NEET Biology syllabus to perform well in the exam. Focus on the topics with higher weightage, but do not neglect any topic as every question is important for scoring well in the Biology section of NEET.

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